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Am I covered?
Understanding your auto insurance coverage can be confusing… Florida Southern Insurance offers a combination of quality coverage and services to help you get the most for your  auto insurance dollar. That’s why we’ve outlined this helpful auto insurance coverage information below!

Damage to Your Car

We want to help you protect your vehicle as much as you do. That’s why we provide a multitude of coverages to keep your car, truck, van, RV, or motorcycle on the road.

Comprehensive Coverage May pay for damage to your car, less any deductible, caused by events other than collision or upset such as fire, theft or glass breakage.

Comprehensive covers all direct and accidental loss to a covered or an auto damaged by an insured, including its equipment, which is not caused by collision or upset. Other motor vehicles or trailers may also be covered. Coverage usually includes damage from:

  • contact with a bird or animal
  • falling or flying objects
  • theft or larceny
  • fire
  • windstorm
  • hail, water or flood
  • malicious mischeif or vandalism
  • riot or civil commotion
  • breakage of glass*
  • explosion or earthquake

*Glass breakage may be covered under Comprehensive, even if caused by a collision or upset. If the policyholder has a “chip” in the windshield and elects to have it repaired instead of replaced, the deductible may be waived.

Collision Coverage May pay for damage to your car, less any deductible, caused by collision with another car or object or by upset.

Collision coverage provides protection for any damage caused by collision or upset. Collisions include an auto hitting things such as:

  • another vehicle
  • an object (such as a telephone pole, fence, building)
  • a parked car

Broken glass is usually covered under this section of the policy if there is no comprehensive coverage in force.

Towage and Labor Coverage May pay a limited amount for labor to repair your disabled car at the place of disablement and/or towing. This coverage provides 24-hour toll-free assistance for common problems such as: running out of gas, flat tires, dead batteries, and lost or locked keys. Towing and labor is optional coverage for additional premium.

Towing and labor charges may be covered if the insured vehicle is disabled. Situations that may be included here is disablement due to flat tires, frozen fuel line, accident, fire, flood, faulty electrical system, transmission problem, or any other mechanical problem. Only labor costs at the place where the vehicle is disabled would be covered. The cost of the faulty part would not be covered in most instances.

Example: If a covered auto must be towed due to faulty fuel pump, the towing costs and labor (labor at the scene) are covered up to the limits stated on the Declarations Page. The cost of the replacement fuel pump and labor at the garage would not be covered.

Damage or Injury to Others

Auto Liability Coverage May protect you in the event that you unintentionally damage someone else’s property or unintentionally cause injury to another.

Property Damage Liability Coverage May pay claims if you are responsible for damage to someone else’s vehicle or property.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage May pay when you are responsible for injury to others including your legal defense costs.*

*Whether you get legal defense or not depends on the type of policy you carry. You may not be eligible for legal defense if you have a bond (offered only in Ohio).

Injury In Your Car

Even minor fender-benders may injure you or others traveling in your vehicle.

Medical Expense Coverage May pay for certain expenses sustained by you or others while occupying your car, regardless of who is at fault.

Family Compensation Coverage May provide even broader benefits that Medical Expense Coverage, in that it also may pay confinement and death benefits resulting from an accident, regardless of fault.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage May pay for hospital costs and other medical expenses for bodily injury to you and others in your car , when injury is caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver.

Personal Injury Protection (No Fault) Available in many states, the basic requirements under each state’s No-Fault Law are available as well as additional benefit amounts. Contact us toll-free, or contact your local agent to get the specific information relevant in your area.

*Whether you get legal defense or not depends on the type of policy you carry. You may not be eligible for legal defense if you have a bond (offered only in Ohio).

Other Typical Coverages

Personal belongings There may also be coverage for an insured’s or relative’s clothing or luggage which is damaged in the auto, due to Comprehensive or Collision loss.

Theft In case of theft of an insured auto, the following items may be covered:

  • Stolen clothing or luggage left in auto
  • Repayment of travel costs beginning 48 hours after the stolen auto is reported to the police and to your insurer. Travel costs can include car rental, train, bus or taxi fares. Note maximum limits.

Disablement If the auto is disabled as the result of a covered loss, your insurer may repay the insured for travel costs from the point of disablement to his/her destination. Maximum amounts may apply. This could include bus fare, taxi fare, etc.